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Chef’s Special

After every two months, along with the regular foods, our Chef comes up with some new dishes that satisfy the taste bud with different taste. These dishes are our Chef’s Special that last only two months so that our guests can choose several types of glorious dishes along with the regular items. We have launched seven special dishes for the month of March and April as Chef’s Special. These special dishes are prepared with the ingredients and flavors that are enriched with Vitamin, minerals and taste which make these genuinely nutritious and delicious. Choosing one of this dish can be the best meal of your day.


OLIVE POMODORO PASTA*: Fettuccini cooked with black olive, tomato, cappers, grilled chicken cubes, infused with tangy chili garlic sauce, accompanied with garlic bread.


CHICKEN CAESAR SALAD: Romaine lettuce, char-grilled beef rasher, garlic croutons & Caesar dressing, topped with grilled chicken & boiled egg.


AMERICANA PIZZA*: Topped with tomato, onion, spicy beef salami, black olive, spring onion & a pinch of chili flakes.


CHILI GARLIC PRAWN: River prawns cooked in rich creamy sauce infused with fresh chili and garlic, served with garlic rice & garden salad.


HAWAIIAN BEEF BURGER*: Char-grilled beef patty with tomato, jalapeno, pineapple, caramelized onion & sliced cheese with French mustard dressing, served with French fries.


MEXICAN BREAKY: Chicken sausage, capsicum, onion cooked in spicy pomodoro sauce, served with Panini bread, sunny side up egg and char-grilled mushroom.


PAN FRIED FISH CUTLETS: Served with green pesto mash potato, sautéed vegetables, accompanied with tangy red pesto sauce & French mustard dressing.

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